Networking Observations

Tonight I attended the WIFT Alumni Reception where current, past participants and faculty of any WIFT-T program was in  attendance.

I had the pleasure of taking WIFT’s Career Transition program.  It is designed to help persons, like myself, who are looking to transition from one industry to another.  I have moved from Television to Online Media.

Some interesting observations about networking.

  • I received a “network card” instead of a business card.  What a great idea!  This card not only has basic contact info, but had a tag line that positions this person clearly in your mind.  “Over 20 years in Broadcasting and Television Production”.  It goes on to list 10 positions that this person has held.
  • The attendees I spoke with didn’t have updated LinkedIn accounts.  One person had 2 accounts.  I think that would be confusing for anyone searching for her.  I suggested that she pick one and invite the outstanding connections to move over.   Make that one profile as best as it can be to promote yourself effectively.
  • Some attendees were using other people’s successes as benchmarks of their success.  I find this odd, as the only true evaluation of success is the end goal of what you want and the small steps you take to get you there.  Don’t use others to measure yourself against.
  • A fellow classmate who has gotten a videoBIO has received amazing feedback.  So happy to hear that.
  • Twitter is not widely used by the group.  It reminds me how the TV/Film group and the online media group are two very separate industries.
  • The Spoke Club has an awesome patio. Too bad it was a wee bit cold.  I’m still shivering!

What was the most impactful observations from your last networking event?  I’d love to hear them.

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