How to Learn About Social Media (3 of 3)

In Part 1: Absorb of this 3 part series, I introduced you to MY MISSION:  taking my social media knowledge, experience and learnings to the next level.

In Part 2: Create, I explored how through creating you are actually learn.

So, now its Part 3.  Using Networking as a tool to learn more about Social Media.

  1. Absorb

  2. Create

  3. and now….Network!!


So, what is the big deal about networking anyway.  Let me tell you about how I got my current job.

I was laid off in October 2008 by Rogers TV.  Great bunch of people and I was sad to go.  I was riding the first wave of layoffs in the recession.  I immediately took care of some personal things and then hit the ground running January 2009.. I was going to find someone who could use my brain.  … and well… pay me.

And what did I find?  NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO.  Budgets were frozen.  More friends got laid off.  It was not a great time.  I did the basics; applying to job posting online, but was not getting traction.  What was missing in my search?  Answer: the ability to know someone, who knows someone so that I can find opportunities and be recommended for them.

Then one day in July 2009, an old acquaintance, Tim Williams, found me on LinkedIn.  He was a producer that I worked with in my YTV days.  In our first exchanges I asked him to “Hire me.  Or all a friend and get them to hire me”.  I was half kidding, but he responded, “I just might have something.”  He is VP of Product at videoBIO and now I’m a Director.

Morale of the story?  I had spent 7 months networking online.  My LinkedIn profile was complete.  I was actively tweeting and I was reaching out to people to offer my help and seek opportunities.  And at the end of the day, SUCCESS.  It was through online networking with someone I knew that gave me the right opportunity.

So what are my plans on NETWORKING to learn more about Social Media?

1.  Online Networking.

  • Find the key players and reach out to them on their blogs.  Contribute by adding your ideas and opinions in the comments that truly add value.  Just saying “Hey, great post” doesn’t cut it.  Its important to follow popular influencers, like Chris Brogan, but its hard to break through and a get a response sometimes.  Therefore, be sure to include up and coming influencers in your outreach.  These are people who are in the space, are obviously adding value and making a difference, but have yet to break into Ad Age’s Power 150. Its through these relationships that you will grow.
  • Expanding my connections on LinkedIn.  This is great because most people keep their LinkedIn info current. You always are able to stay in contact, even if their contact info has changed.  Find old friends, connect to new friends.  Keep your circle expanding.
  • Contributing to LinkedIn groups and the Answers section.  I can help and meet some great people along the way.
  • Reach out to people on twitter.  Retweet them.  Reply to their comments.
  • Once you found someone interesting anywhere online, find their other online touchpoints.  Their blog, their facebook page, their Linkedin account.  Connect to them there too.  If you make the effort, add value and are genuine, you will find great success in return.
  • Find other online social tools.  Flickr for pictures.  YouTube for video.  Third Tribe Marketing for education and forums. Etc.
  • Cross Promote.  If you wrote a blog post, tweet about it.  Tease your content on your facebook page.  Update your status on LinkedIn.  Leverage the value of each platform.

2.  Network in Real Life.

  • Conferences are GREAT.  Can’t afford to go?  Volunteer!  That’s what I did when I was unemployed.  I volunteered at Mesh and Canada 3.0.
  • Join your local associations.  I belong to WIFT and Interactive Ontario.  Both have a ton of great networking events.
  • Local Meetups.  I love going to #TTT.  That’s Third Tuesday Toronto.  At the last one I heard a great presentation from Mitch Joel about Personal Branding.  He stuck around and signed his book “Six Pixels of Separation“.  (a great read BTW)
  • Tweetups.  I have yet to attend one, but my buddy Kelly May has sold me on the concepts and I’m taking the next opportunity.
  • How about sending an email to an existing contact?  Ask how they are doing.  Invite them to lunch.  Not only is it important that you make new friends, but its even more important that you stay in touch with existing friends.

Ok.. I’m sure I didn’t cover it all.  What are you doing to network?  Throw your ideas in to the comments.  Would love to hear them.

6 comments on “How to Learn About Social Media (3 of 3)”

  1. Laurinda,
    Part Three was well worth the wait. I had to laugh about it being hard to break through to Chris Brogan. Remember the day we were tweeting about him and he popped in the conversation, just like that!? So, it could happen. You are right that participation is the key, whether on line or in person you have to contribute.
    Nicely done.

  2. I like your steps. My steps are similar but not exactly:

    * Listen
    * Connect
    * Publish

    So, your “absorb” would be like my listen. Your Create is like my publish. Your network is like my connect.

    See? We’re similar.

    Now, you really have to dream bigger than having me comment on your blog. I always wish for a pony. : )

  3. Thank you for your comment. Next post coming soon.

  4. Nehal Kazim says:

    Great post Laurinda! I feel that even though this is solid advice, many people won’t do it. There are too many steps and we all feed outselves excuses. I would say even if a person would do two or three of these steps, they will be in great position to get opportunities 🙂

  5. You are assuming that I will follow my own advice? LOL. Yes… its a challenge to do it all. The key really is in focus and targeting in order to meet your goal. Thanx for the comment Nehal.

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