Are you stalking me?

Social Media Success Summit 2011


I had an amazing time at the Social Media Success Summit 2011.  I learned a ton and met alot of great tweeps during the month long webinars.

In one of the last sessions I was having some fun with a fellow attendee:  Eli Ingraham.  I had to leave early due to a daycare pick up and was whining in my usual fashion about how hard it is to leave my computer, when I was learning a ton and having a great time.

Me:  must…. break away… from… computer…..  and go……. soooo…. hard……. #smss11

Eli:  NOOOOooooo! dont;t goooooo! RT @LaurindaShaver: must…. break away… from… computer…..  and go……. soooo…. hard……. #smss11

Me:  @EliIngraham child standing alone at daycare with Tshirt: My mom is a social media addict & abandoned me. #smss11

Then… we got an outsider piping in, who was not part of the session:

xxxx_xxxxx_xxx @eliingraham @LaurindaShaver HA!  That is a fantastic shirt idea!

I didn’t think much of it, so I decided to continue on….

Me:  @eliingraham tshirt:  #smss11 stole my mom. Please being her back. #smss11

JackiJames@LaurindaShaver @eliingraham tshirt from down under: #smss11 stole my sleep! I can’t get it back 🙁

Eli:  excellent! party is at your house! RT @JackiJames: @LaurindaShaver @eliingraham tshirt from down under: #smss11 stole my sleep!  #smss11

All in the fun… but then xxxx_xxxxx_xxx came back:

xxxx_xxxxx_xxx:  @eliingraham @LaurindaShaver I know a guy #shamelessplug

I dismissed it at the time, but it kinda bothered me.  I have never met Eli or Jacki, but we were joking in the context of the summit.  This guy appeared out of no where and interrupted the conversation.  Its kinda like you are in a party, standing around with people having a discussion about a specific topic and some guy interrupts the circle with an out of context statement.

There are many reasons why this outsider’s tweet felt wrong:

  1. It was obvious he was just searching for the word “T shirt” and jumped in without any context.  If you are going to speak up, you need to listen first.  Understand what is going on and then jump in.
  2. He was a stranger who wanted to sell something to me.  Not build a relationship first or even add value to my life.  Its a twitter cold call.
  3. I never heard from him again.  Twitter is not a drop in and drop out kind of platform.  You need to be consistent in your relationship building.
  4. Frankly, it felt creepy.  Like I was being stalked by my words.

What do you think?



2 comments on “Are you stalking me?”

  1. Jacki James says:

    I agree, interruption with no context is rude. Even I felt a little bold & daring diving into your conversation with Eli, but I felt it was ok due to the shared experience of #smss11. Plus given that I follow you both I had full context of the conversation and knew you gals would appreciate a RELEVANT fun voice in the conversation.

    Really enjoyed your insights throughout #smss11 🙂


  2. Yomar says:

    Gosh, you have no idea how right you are! Lately, I’ve been on a kick about how “old money” businesses do not get social media. They forget all about conext and community.. Back to old intrusive marketing ways. Meh.

    Twitter is interesting because the character limit forces you to use a “drip approach” and lead people to proper communication platforms. For most, that is just too much work so they do some Twitter searches and spam a bit. Hey, sillies: ever heard you have to give a little to get a little?


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