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  1. Continuous Partial Attention

    Would love to hear your thoughts when ur done Michelle.

  2. Are you wired to do Interactive work?

    Oh wow… I had forgotten about that term. Its true… hacking is just a work around but ending at the correct result regardless.

  3. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Thanx Knikkolette! I appreciate your support.

  4. What are you really bringing to the party?

    Thanx Gabriela! Appreciate it.

  5. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    @Keri. I agree. I guess its riding it all out and just keep moving forward. And I would have no idea what I would do without the #BOAF team! Thanx guys.

  6. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    @Ray. Thanx for the support. Yes… we are always harder on ourselves than others are. Onwards and Upwards!

  7. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    @Stan. LOL!! Shhhhh!! thats our secret.

  8. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Thanx Christian! Yes.. the long haul. I’m still here and that counts! Thanx.

  9. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    @Mattias. I take full comfort that at least blogging again does not hurt as much as going back to the gym after a long break. That’s just down right painful!

  10. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Agreed Yomar. But there is a difference between infrequent posts and no post. The more days that go by, the harder it is to go back. Like you forgot the routine, the password, the make up of the WP admin pages. Like all good habits, there needs to be some consistency.

  11. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Yes… it is a great feeling that I’m not alone. But, I have this part of me screaming to get back at it. So.. onwards and upwards.

  12. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Always nice to hear another perspective Michelle! I need to find the daily publish pill.. but only if I have something of value to say. Good point. And thanx.

  13. Where the hell have you been, Laurinda

    Thanx Yomar. Not an easy task to keep up.

  14. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @ Rachel. Oh yes.. that pesky mind… getting in the way. I can’t say how many times I would understand something logically, but totally not feel it in my gut. They need to match to be successful.

  15. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @janet. Thank you for your encouraging words!

    You have given me a great gift with your comment today. I just watched the video and WOW.. it makes so much sense! And.. what a simple, but heart moving, passionate way to define yourself, your work and your business. I can’t thank you enough for sharing that.
    Therefore, I’m going to go right now and get Smith’s book (as well as Simon’s)!

    Thank you Janet. You are a generous soul for taking the time to share.

  16. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @Mattias Yes. We must trust ourselves. Could not agree more.

  17. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @Klaudia yes.. business plans are necessary evils. You need to know 1) where you are going 2) how are you going to get there 3) and can you make any money in the process. Without a plan, its like my hours of wandering online. Thoroughly enjoyable, but unproductive.

  18. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @Yomar. My partner is in Hong Kong and I hear its a long walk. So.. a virtual coffee it is! She is not digitally active. Actually spends a bit too much time in the Real World. I tell her that she really needs to redefine her priorities! LOL. Thanx for your offer and you know its completely reciprocated!

  19. My assumptions questioned. Daily.

    @Kate. Thanx Kate. I don’t think connection is cheesy. I think authenticity is difficult to come by and difficult to be. When you find it, a connection is made. :).

  20. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Yomar. I’m better. I think. It was some flu.

    Yes.. I’m starting the research phase for the post at The Practical Life… oh.. this is going to be so much fun! And I hope I can learn a thing or 2.

  21. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Sofia. I had lunch with a friend who was complaining at the age of 47 she still has many issues. I told her about my philosophy. When i was younger, I thought everyone grows up. And as I grow up, I realize many don’t. She is lucky to have this moment of enlightenment and take steps to make the life she is meant to have. Its never too late. And its worth it.

  22. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Amber-Lee. Hi Amber-Lee, so nice to virutally meet you. I appreciate you coming back again! And yes, it is a decision and a choice. I choose to be strong. I choose to lead my life. And I choose chocolate (more than I should). lol. Thank you for your comment.

  23. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Yomar. Thank you for saying that I’m a real person. That actually is m #1 goal in my life. To be my authentic self wherever I go, in every situation. Not an easy task, but when you hold onto what is real in yourself, you find peace. And yes.. I’m thinking real hard about the “authenticity movement” series for The Practical Life. And.. this is due your insightful responses to my posts. 🙂 Thanx so much for your input Yomar.

  24. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Klaudia I’m so glad you stopped and reflected which exactly the purpose of the post! We need to lead our lives.. not follow what hte world provides. Thanxs, as always for stopping by.

  25. The Extremely Personal Post

    @Steven. Its funny. I don’t feel particularly brave. And I still don’t understand why I have this huge desire to share this. But I guess, as you say, its to help move on. Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by.