Hide and Seek Game. I don’t see you…

Photo by michaelsnead

Photo by michaelsnead

I’m in the middle of the longest game of hide and seek. I’m seeking potential employee candidates and they are hiding. Its really a long and tedious process. I’m forever seeking them.

Come out, Come out, wherever you are.

Buggers.  Ok.. I’m not an HR person.  I’m a producer.  My role is to get things done.  Use all necessary reasonable actions to ensure this happens.  And if it means I’m an HR person for a bit, so be it.

Its just… not really fun.  And I spend my time posting, sorting, talking, listening, critiquing and still no where.  Where is the HR pill!  Need one stat!

So here has been my plan.

  1. Job posting everywhere I can
  2. Reach out to acquaintances, ask to share the word and for recommendations.
  3. Sort through incoming resumes.  (really… you are in retail and want to be an Art Director?!?!)
  4. Repeat.

Its worth it when you get that right person, who is a great fit.  But in the mean time….


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